Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rear End Awareness

I have posted this video because this is something that I have been working on with Bailey. In the second level of training by Sue Ailsby, one of the behaviors you teach is focus or watch. I thought that the rear end awareness could work on focus and heeling. Maybe even loose leash walking because not only do they become familiar with moving around backwards but they also will be able to focus on you when walking forward. This behavior seems useful in a number of different applications.

I decided to take our first walk around the block the other day and was amazed how distracted she was. Not even peanut butter could get her attention all the time. These behaviors prove how much you need to train in different atmospheres so that the learned behaviors can be translated in different areas. It will be easier to expose her to other places now that the weather is well and health wise she is doing better.

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