Monday, March 14, 2011

Bailey' s Puppy Habits

Most dogs love to chew on slippers. Bailey likes to take my slippers from me when I step into my sneakers for a potty break. She never chews on them just likes to pick them up and sit by the door. She is very compliant when I ask her to let go. Someday I will teach her to bring me my slippers.
We worked some on fetching her toys and bringing them to me. Her reward was a little tugging time. She has been a sweet natured puppy, not needing to chew as much as other puppies we have had. I am wondering if some of the characteristics are indicative of the cattle dog breed. We acquired Kota when he was about 4 years old, well past the puppy age. He doesn't like to put any toys in his mouth and has learned to play a little from the other dogs. Another trait Kota has that Bailey also has is very sensitive to touch. If you hold Kota in the wrong spot he will cry out, but it seems more of a fear than a real pain. If you move too quickly Bailey will also cry out. They both like to bark when they get excited but other wise are more mellow natured dogs.

She is going to the vet tomorrow for some booster shots and to test her for mange. I thought originally that the itching was from poor skin condition especially with all the urine she had on her. But the itching is still intense and it makes it hard to do any training. She spends so much time scratching that I often have to wait for her to finish.

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  1. Your article makes me think about the first time i get my puppy. I think his habit was continuous barking when i was about to leave my house.