Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Our Puppy Out For The First Time

Bailey got her first exposure to the real world tonight. Other than going to the vets or a walk around the block, she hasn't really been any where. My daughter had soccer practice tonight and I knew it would be great socialization for Bailey with many different age groups. She has been great in the car riding along in the passenger seat all relaxed and quiet. I don't know if she just hasn't figured out that there is a world out the window to look at or she just doesn't care.

When we got to the soccer field I wasn't really sure what she would do. Most puppies would be barking, tugging on the leash, and trying to jump on the by-standers. Bailey tugged a little but chose to sit if no one was watching. She kissed a baby who was just thrilled with her, though we did have to watch for puppy chewing. The kids petted her and asked my daughter lots of questions. I walked with a friend around the parking lot just talking. She wasn't used to walking so much and didn't always walk loose leash, but she did finally tire of walking and we sat down on a picnic table to rest. Her demeanor is great and I think one day she will be a wonderful obedient dog, more than I could ever hope for.


  1. In the spirit of our undying love for our four-legged friends...


    The ultimate (and realistic) guide to owning/helping/loving a dog in New York City :)

  2. Have you thought about a doggie seat belt for Bailey? They work like a harness and are wonderful just in case your baby gets into an accident with you.