Saturday, April 2, 2011

Puppy Training Update

You can't really tell by the picture but she is growing quite a bit. She has outgrown the small crate, so we had to pull out the crate Tanner came with when he was a puppy. Hopefully she won't outgrow it. Tanner is over 80 lbs, so it was not big enough for him when he was full grown. He doesn't use a crate anymore because when we need to contain him he stays in the laundry room. I want Bailey to be comfortable in her crate so that if we ever start to compete in something she will be able to stay in there without becoming upset or barking.

She went to my daughter's soccer game today and did great. She wants to say hello to people but she doesn't try to jump on them. She never barks at anyone to get their attention. The only time she barks is when she wants Daisy to play with her. Daisy is a little intimidated by Bailey's size so she usually declines any requests to play.

Bailey stays relaxed in the car and just lays down in the seat, never wanting to look out the window. She is a little timid of getting in the car and usually tries to back up. She previously seemed to have no desire to exit the car either but is more willing each time we travel to exit on her own.

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