Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crate Training Our Puppy

I thought this was a cute little story that those who have been training there dogs would enjoy.

Bailey is my 4-month old puppy that I have been training following the organization of the levels. She sleeps in her crate at night next to my bed and joyfully jumps in it every night to receive her treat. Well, the other night she didn't just jump in. I placed her treat in the back and I still had to give her butt a little push to get the door shut.

After turning out the lights she started to immediately whine. I had forgotten to take her out potty so I thought that was what she was whining about. We took a quick trip outside to pee and then back to the crate. She again hesitated to get in the crate. This time I decided to stick my hand in the crate thinking that there was something wrong with the blanket.

She sleeps on a folded up comforter and as I ran my hand toward the back of the dark crate I was a little freaked out when my hand ran across something that appeared to be alive. I jumped back a little as my mind began to race trying to think what possibly could be in that crate.

Ah Ha! It finally dawned on me that it was probably our guinea pig. My daughter and her friend had been playing with the pet and I never would have thought they would put it in the crate. I returned the pig to her home and Bailey was more than glad to return to her crate.


  1. How funny. I guess Bailey wasn't in the mood for a sleep over. Happy to see she's doing well.

  2. what a cute puppy, what breed is she? Beagle?/jack russel? reminds me of my beagle jack russel mix Roxy