Monday, April 18, 2011

Are Dogs Smarter Than Humans?

Bailey has only gotten away from me a couple of times. My first instinct has been to call her name, panic, and run after her. I have been chasing dogs for many years and the panic comes from experience of dogs running into streets with the possibility of getting run over. I have trained Bailey well because she instintively turns around and looks at me not wanting to run any farther. She must wonder what all the panic is about. Now I just have to train myself not to respond so negatively.

It's nice to know that your training is being absorbed even when you don't realize it. I have purposely rewarded her for looking at me when I call her name. I felt it was important that she look at me when I say her name so I can give her further instructions. I guess in my brief moments of forgetfulness it's a good thing that she didn't forget.


  1. Looks like you training is really paying off.
    Bailey's a smart little cookie.

  2. I think this is a Complicated Question..Well no no one Smarter than Human...
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