Sunday, April 3, 2011

Questionable Cattle Dog

I don't know that any of Bailey's cattle dog background will ever come through. She is timid and fearful of the cows, while Kota can be intimidated but not by any cow. Kota has to stray from a walk every now and then to chase one back the other way. He doesn't like any cows too close to his people either.

Bailey would rather avoid the creatures all together, which is okay with me since I have other aspirations for her. She is no longer timid of the water in the creek and even ventured into some deeper parts. I don't think she will be much of a swimmer like Tanner, but that's okay too because I didn't really plan on us competing in dock diving.

She enjoyed her car ride to the farm. She was able to get in and out of the car without any assistance from me. I use tethers in the back seat of the car to keep the larger dogs from freely moving about and she was content to squeeze in the back seat with them.

My tethers I made of nylon straps and the clips used on the end of dog leashes. I attached a clip on each end of the length of strap. When we had the Jeep I clip the ends to the rings that are bolted in the floor. It works great for the truck bed because there are also rings in the bed you can attach too to keep them from jumping from the bed. In the car I clip them to the rings buried in the seat for the attachment of clips for car seats. It would not protect them in a car crash but hopefully it will help prevent one being caused by dogs moving freely in the car. I only have two of them but I think maybe it's time to make a third for Bailey because she will probably be at least as big as Kota. I hope she doesn't get as big as Tanner but we sure wouldn't give her up even if she did.

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