Monday, June 20, 2011

Dog Training To Take The Leash Part 2

Today we went on to step 2 of the 5 step plan to get Bailey to retrieve her leash when she has to go potty. The first step was to get her to TAKE her toy and put it in her mouth. Today was step 2, I started with getting her to take her toy first then we translated it to take her leash. She had no problem switching props. I tried hanging it over my knee to simulate it hanging on the door. She needed a little more direction and me showing her the leash but she did take it a few times from my knee.

Steps to Taking Leash
  1. Learn to Take with a toy
  2. Learn to Take with a leash
  3. Take leash from door
  4. Get leash everytime I take her out potty
  5. Get leash herself when she needs to go potty
Tomorrow we will start with her taking the leash and then see if she can take the leash from the door.

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