Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dog Training to Get Leash for Potty

I have broken down my goal of getting Bailey to get her leash when she has to go potty into 5 training steps:
  1. Learn to Take with a toy
  2. Learn to Take with a leash
  3. Take leash from door
  4. Get leash everytime I take her out potty
  5. Get leash herself when she needs to go potty
Today we started with the first step. I tried just holding a toy to see if she would take it. That didn't work. So I placed it on the floor thinking I could shape the behavior. But she would only touch it and never pick it up. So I got the bright idea to hold it over her head. Bingo. She took the bait (toy), everytime and very eagerly.

Tomorrow we will start with the toy and then try to see if she will take the leash. We used her dinner kibble to train. Normally I have found it hard to use dog food, but if the dog is hunger they will be more willing to work for the kibble.

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