Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking Leash Step 4

I had forgotten to look at what the next step was today and realized when I did that this was a step that couldn't just be taught in one day. She can grab the leash and she remembered as soon as I hung the leash on the door handle that she was suppose to take it. This next step of getting it every time she goes potty is something I will have to work on continuely. Hopefully, she will grasp the concept of getting it herself without me directly teaching it. I will have to keep you posted on how this is going.

Steps to Taking Leash
  1. Learn to Take with a toy
  2. Learn to Take with a leash
  3. Take leash from door
  4. Get leash everytime I take her out potty
  5. Get leash herself when she needs to go potty

 We also worked on heeling. Many people just want to require their dogs to loose leash walk without a formal heel, but it's easier for me to have her in a definitive place rather than just have a loose leash. It really gives me a target to click on rather than just for Bailey. We have practiced a little in the past, but today it really seemed to click for her once we got going. She has walked farther in a heeling position than she every has before.

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