Monday, June 27, 2011

Goals This Week For Dog Training

Bailey is not great at come, so I decided that needed to be a focus for my training this week. We are using the come game, where you call the dog back and forth between two people. My husband actually agreed to help with this. He is not the warmest to the dogs and they tend to just want to avoid him, so I thought if Bailey learns to come to him, she will come to anyone. She started out strong and we moved a little farther apart every time. The came the full powered puppy run. Zinging back and forth, around trees, up and down the yard. Thankfully she never left the yard. We continued for a brief time and then I called it quits realizing she had lost interest in the whole thing.

We will continue to work on the come in different places and hopefully by the end of the work it will be 100% stronger than it was.

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