Sunday, June 12, 2011

Training Goal This Week

Bailey is getting better at potty training. But the problem is that she is not communicating when she needs to go potty, I am just learning that she needs to go pee frequently and she is pooping after meals and confinement. In the times she needs to go poop other than that I am not able to figure it out.

My goal this week is to see if I can get her to grab her leash from the door handle when she needs to go potty.

  • We started with her just putting her nose to the leash or that way and she got a click.
  • Next we I started to pick up the leash and if she touched it while I was holding it she got a click.
  • Next she received a click for putting it in her mouth.
  • Next I tried just hanging it over an arm handle to simulate it hanging from the door handle. But she still needed me to hold the leash to put it in her mouth.

The one problem I encountered that after the training session was that with the leash on she kept putting the leash in her mouth. I am hoping with increased training she will learn to distinguish that she doesn't put the leash in her mouth when she is wearing it.

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