Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dog Training Journal

I set a pretty hefty goal for myself last week and never reached it. We had Vacation Bible School at church this week and with football practices I didn't have much more time than to change clothes. So we only worked on things like waiting at the door to go out potty instead of rushing out.

I make Bailey wait in a sit at the door each time we go out potty. She doesn't get to follow me out the door until I say release. I have used okay in the past with the other dogs but many times Bailey is the only one I want to go out so I use a different word for her to insure that everyone doesn't run out the door. If she tries to walk out of the door without the cue I just body block her making it impossible for her to escape. I then wait for her to sit again before we proceed.

I made up my own Dog Training Journal page to keep track of my progress. I have heard many times that you should use one but I just haven't really done it. It's a work in progress because I formatted it the way I think it would work well but I may have to make changes. I was going to post the link for the word document but I am still trying to figure out how to do it.
Dog Training Plan

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