Saturday, July 16, 2011

Working on Eye Contact

We worked on eye contact today. She got a click for looking into my eyes. I progressively worked on getting a longer look. I have always been amazed at the way some of the dogs watch their owner. If you watch some of the obedience videos you can see how the dog is fixed on the owner waiting for the next command. Bailey knows to look at me when she wants something but I want her to learn to hold her attention for longer periods of time.

She has the markings of a Australian Cattle dog but their is more hunting dog in her. She loves to carry things in her mouth. The first thing she does after I open the crate is grab a soft toy. Not for chewing mind you but she wants it to carry around. She will drop it long enough for me to get her harness on then she wants to pick it right back up and carry it outside. She will point at birds and any bird hopping around on the ground is far game. I think she could be trained to use her nose that is one of her favorite things to do when we go some where new is to put her nose to the ground and sniff along.

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