Friday, July 15, 2011

More On The Road Dog Training

It's funny how you can teach behaviors without even really trying. Bailey is very calm and quiet in the car. You can leave her in the car and she won't bark or whine. Thankfully I have really reinforced that behavior without really trying.

My son has been having late night football practices that never seem to end on time, so I have taken this opportunity to take Bailey to do some training. My daughter and I practiced the come game, calling Bailey back and forth. She did very well till she decided to take a detour around a car, but she did come by the least direct route. We felt that that was a good time to stop the game and move on to other things.

We worked on being close to the action without barking. We couldn't get close to some men standing next to the fence but she had no problem standing next to the fence with the crashing of helmets and the shouting of coaches. To me some quiet men by a fence are a whole lot friendlier than the players but Bailey doesn't think so.

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