Sunday, August 14, 2011

Training Your Dog To High Five

Haven't had much time to post anything but we have been busy working on dog training. Loose leash training has been a struggle. Started with clicking and treating for loose leash walking but everytime I clicked she would start pulling again. I have just been walking backwards or changing direction when she pulls on the leash. It has been hard to get her to pay attention with any distractions and believe me it doesn't take much. It can be an interesting smell in the grass which can not be noticed by a human.

We have been working on a high five. I started by using a plastic lid for a paw target. Anytime she placed her paw on the lid I clicked, after a little while I raised the lid up in increments higher and higher until we got to a good high five. After several times of getting a high five with the lid I added the command, next I used my hand with the command. Sometimes she didn't understand, so I picked up the lid again and used the command. You will notice in the video sometimes she is a bit eager and uses two paws instead of one. But we will keep shaping it until we only get one. I think she started to use two because I had to tape it a couple of times to do it right.

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