Monday, September 19, 2011

Organizing a Dog Journal

It's hard to find time to do all the things I want to get done. Organization is a great way to keep goals and get them accomplished. My new goal is to every Monday organize a training schedule for the week. We have accomplished quite a few tricks and there is some intermittent training as time allows but I feel that I really need to have a focus. Training will move along at a quicker pace with organization.

Dog Training Journal :  9/19/11

1. Zen - Bailey will focus on a bowl of treats and not really pay attention to me. She also tries to steal food and wants to remain close to the bowl.
Goal: To have Bailey leaving food on the floor, on the couch, and on the table.

2. Watch - Bailey will give me eye contact but in Level 3 she is suppose to give eye contact for 10 seconds.

3. Come - Our goal is to work on come three times a day for five minutes for eight weeks. Susan Garrett has a good article about the consistent work of come. So starting tomorrow we will work on it for eight weeks gradually increasing the distractions.

Another goal will be to give a daily update on our triaining. We are working on the old levels on Level 2.

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