Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working On Teaching Dog To Come

After reading Susan Garrett's article on teaching your dog to come, I have focused on calling come in the house and outside. Outside always has been a distraction because Bailey definitely has some scent hound in her. There could be nothing outside but as long as their is a good scent on the ground she has totally lost her focus. I purchased a 20 foot leash to train Bailey with because I still do not feel comfortable with just letting her loose.

When we had Amelia it was a short time after we got her and she would come. She could even be recalled if the other dogs escaped out of the house and she was hot on their heels. She really wanted to please. Bailey just has a totally different view on life making it harder for her. But I am hoping that practicing three times a day for 5 minutes will pay off in the long run. Come always seems to be one of the most important commands but yet really takes the most control of your dog.

We have also been working on weaving under my legs as I walk. We have tried it a few times here and there with a lot of targeting the stick but we have progressed to simple pointing under the legs and she has started weaving. We still need to work on chaining the behaviour so that she will keep weaving and not just stop and wait for another treat.

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