Monday, September 5, 2011

Bailey's Training Journal

We have accomplished getting a weave between the legs while walking forward and a figure 8 around my legs. We are still working on going to the mat. She is willing to go to the mat when we are close but she is still having a hard time working at a distance. She can paw a target or target with her nose.

Calling come is an all day thing. Calling from barking at the window or anytime she in not in the room with me. We didn't work outside very much because of the rain. But we did work on loose lease walking. I still feel like I'm not able to communicate just walking on the leash loosely because of the distractions outside. I feel like I am not communicating what I really want from Bailey. I keep watching videos of different techniques to see if one really strikes me. My apprehension of properly teaching the walking is what I think is really holding us back.

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