Saturday, June 2, 2012

Training Level E-Book

Sue Ailsby has published her new book Training Levels Steps to Success and is now selling it in e-book format. You can purchased it in hard copy for $44.99 plus shipping or the e-book format for $25. If you are using a Kindle for reading the book (which I currently use), you can purchase the PDF version on your computer and email the book to your Kindle using the Kindle email address. You will need to put convert in the subject line. After a few minutes the book will appear on your Kindle converted and ready to read. This is the only training book you will ever need.

Click on this picture to purchase Hard Copy

Click on this picture to purchase E-Book

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  1. In my point of view, successful dog training is not only about getting your dog to understand you—it’s about how much you understanding your dog.