Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet Daisy

The smallest of the canine pack is Daisy our 3 1/2 lb Chihuahua. She was a birthday gift for my daughter's 3rd birthday. We had a neighbor who had a jack russell that they just let wander and he would visit us daily. They gave him away, which upset my daughter greatly. Then we rescued a toy poodle, until the owners were located. He slept in her crib with her. So we decided to buy a little dog she could pick up and care for.
Daisy is terrified of strangers and doesn't like strange dogs either. It took her two weeks to adjust to Kota after we brought him home.
We lost her for 5 days when she got out of the house unnoticed with Tanner. We posted signs in our rural community and a woman contacted me saying she had seen her. She thought she saw a rabbit in the corn field and then realized that she was a dog. Her family had tried to get her with no luck. We spent hours traveling around the cornfield with no success. After two days of searching I thought there was no way to locate her. The woman called back to say that her hired-hand had caught her down by the pond. Daisy bite him of course but she warmed up to the woman and her daughter.
She knows down and sit. She loves to curl up in a lap when its cold. She wears little sweatshirts, that I make her, out of necessity because she can get cold easily. I'd like to train her to get over her fear of strangers and some cute parlor tricks.

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