Monday, January 5, 2009

Training Never Ceases

You may think that you have never trained your dog. Oh! but you have. Dog's learn to pick up our body cues and behaviors to recognize that a certain event is going to occur. My dog Tanner knows when I'm ready to leave the house and heads straight to the laundry room and sits, waiting for me to close the door. We put Tanner in their while we will be gone because he will tear the kitchen garbage all apart. In the laundry room he just peacefully waits for me to come home.
Sometimes you can catch on to a behavior and use it to your advantage. Tanner loves to bolt out the door any chance he gets. He knows what the word eat means from me using it at mealtime when feeding him. If he bolts and he is hungry all I have to say is "Do you want to EAT?". He usually comes bounding back to fill his belly.
Tanner loved a good came of chase when the boys were little. My oldest son almost always wore a baseball cap, even indoors. When Tanner was full grown he had no problem towering over them when standing tall. He would jump up, grab the hat, and his favorite game would begin. No matter how many times I explained this to my son, He still didn't find it any fun. Both of them finally outgrew the game after a couple of years.

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