Saturday, June 26, 2010

Teach a Dog to Wait

I think I've posted a video on Honey the Great Dane before. This dog is really well trained and in this video she showcases having your dog wait in different areas and keeping him from running in the street.

I've been working with Kota and Tanner making them wait at the doors. One of our french doors often does not latch even when you think it's shut all the way. Everytime we close the door Tanner will go over to it and check it by pushing on it with his nose to see if it indeed is latched. He loves to romp around the neighboorhood looking for anything edible. I've gotten to the point where I have to deadbolt the door after closing it and unfortunately even that has not been a guarantee that the door is closed because sometimes that also sticks.

I think from Tanner's door dashing Kota is beginning to follow suit. He used to walk out and come right back but he will often not return right away anymore. If he is outside he will chase trucks which is never a good thing. He only seems to chase them when he is on our property making me wonder if its more of a guarding behavior.

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  1. Honey is so cute. Great video. I'd love to see pictures of Kota and Tanner!