Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 12 Puppy Training

Potty training is going better. I would highly recommend tying a leash to your waist to keep your puppy contained. Many don't like to keep their dogs in crates for long periods of time and this is a great way to still contain your puppy with you. Though crates should be used when you need to leave home. Many dogs can become very distructive from the boredom of being alone. It could also be dangerous if they were to ingest something they were chewing on. By keeping your puppy leashed you are still able to walk around the house and do things but the puppy will still be within reach. This keeps Amelia from drinking too much water and having to go potty literally ever 15 minutes.

She had no problem remembering the touch command. I tried to teach her to turn in a circle but she has down so well that she wanted to stay down the whole time she turned. She loves training, I think if you had a whole bag of dog food she would never leave until it was finished. They always say that training should be kept short but this is the first time we have started with a puppy and she has learned that dog obedience training is rewarding not to mention fun.

She shows some fear of strangers and will bark, but if you walk over to them she quits barking and wants to jump on their legs. It's hard for others not to reward her when she seems so cute.

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