Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 13 - Puppy Training

With a wave of my magic wand I taught Amelia to turn. It was more like my arm, but hey sometimes it does work magic. I just have to circle with my arm and she turns in a circle. It only took her a couple days of training and she was able to do it without any luring.

We used her bowl of dinner kibble to train with. My daughter thought it would take forever to train her, but it was fun. We used a crate to teach her to voluntarily go in. It's a little small for her because we have used it for the cats and Daisy. We threw in a piece of kibble to the back of the crate and gave her the command. When she entered the crate to get the kibble she got a click to tell her she was doing what we wanted her to.

Fetch was a little more interesting, she did well in the beginning and she only got a treat if she brought the ball back. But after awhile she wanted to run to the ball and not bring it back so we focused on the other behaviors she knows.

She knows sit, down, stand, turn, touch, come, roll over, and we have just started working on crate.

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