Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 14 - Teaching Your Puppy A Reliable Come When Called

This is the first time we have ever started with a puppy in clicker training. Teaching come after you have abused the command with your ignorance can be difficult and sometimes an almost impossible feat. Amelia has been a fresh slate to teach and come has been fun. Just call her name, say come, and she will run at you full speed ahead. She wasn't easy to call at first but has really come a long way with training. Just bring out the food and she is ready to listen.

Some Tips For Training Come

  • Don't run after the puppy. Back away a few steps and they will become interested.
  • Squat down so your not standing over your puppy when they return. It's less threatening.
  • Don't ever use come if something negative is going to happen after they come, like having to stay in a crate while your away.
  • Make sure their name is always used in a positive connotation. If you need to tell your dog no don't attach their name instead you can make a sound to distract them.

Her dinner feeding is used to train her. If your dogs not fond of having their kibble used during training mix it with bits of meat so that the scent can be spread around and the kibble will be more enticing.

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