Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 15 Puppy Training

We worked on Leave It. The command is for anything you don't want the dog to go near or chew on. You can use it to let your dog know that you don't want it to chew on the item in its mouth or you don't want her to chase the cat. We worked on leaving a food treat, when she looked away she was rewarded. You want to get to the point where you can put the food on the floor and she won't touch it at all.

We used the command in the house every time Amelia grabbed a shoe we told her no, leave it, and when she let go she was rewarded with a treat. Carry a treat bag with you so you can treat frequently through the day. It's crucial to treat frequently as a puppy until they learn to communicate with you better and then you can use verbal praise more than food reward.

We had one problem today when I ran out of food and we were trying to enter the house. She was off leash and has had no problem coming to me 100% of the time. She hesitated going in the house because I didn't have a lure for her. Kota decided to exit and I was worried she would follow and chase him. She ran across the street to the neighbors and I crouched down then said, "Amelia, come." in my sweetess voice. She came running at full speed, no hesitation, and I grabbed her by her leg when she tried to dodge my hands. I was worried that that action would ruin it for her but we took her to the park later with no problems.

I have included a video to show how fast she comes running back. We have even been able to call her back after she decided to chase our cat in the yard. One of the keys to come is to never get mad or impatient or you will scare them away. You can't shame a dog into coming to you.

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