Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 17 The Days of Puppyhood Continue

We went over many of the behaviors that she already knows. We have had great opportunities to continue proofing the come which has been almost 100% reliable which is amazing. We would like to work on agility training and she must be completely reliable off leash which doesn't look like it would be a problem.

I tried teaching them a little trick. My goal is to have the dogs stand in line biggest to smallest and have Daisy the smallest dog to walk under the bigger dogs and then Amelia and so on until just Tanner is standing their. I can lure the dogs under each other, really the hardest part has been getting them to stand in place. They always want to sit or lay down. It is a more difficult trick because you have to get all 4 dogs to cooperate but hopefully with practice they will get it down.

I have been using many different treats and I think I would like to make some sort of cracker that I can cut into little squares to bake so that I won't have to break the treats apart or get my fingers slimy from the small bits of meat.

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