Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Puppy Is Safe And Sound

I was able to pick up Bailey from the vet's office today. Thankfully she made it through the horrible parvovirus and is doing really well. We didn't hear from the vet's office this weekend and I was hoping that "no news is good news". She was very glad to see me and she climbed up on my shoulders in the car trying to wrap herself around my neck.

Ever since we brought her home her hip bones have been sticking out. Hopefully now that she is well she will start to gain enough weight to fill out. We used some dandruff shampoo on her poor skin. It improved her smell and helped with all the itchy skin. I will be glad when her body heals.

Bailey is a good puppy and rather tame. She tends to sit for attention and I try to praise her often to keep encouraging the good behavior. I hope that all our training will get us through adolescents.

1 comment:

  1. I'm very happy to see your little Bailey is on the road to recovery. I'm sure she's very happy to be home. Love her lots and Snuggle her close. We wish you many loving years together. There's just nothing like a dogs unconditional love. Wish you all the best!