Sunday, February 20, 2011


Our dear little Bailey is currently at the vet's office suffering from Parvo. We haven't heard anything over the weekend, so we are hoping that she is recovering and that it hasn't been fatal. My guess is that she already had Parvo when we adopted her. I didn't realize that vomiting was involved in Parvo. I had always thought it was diarrhea that signaled the horrible disease. She started vomiting Thursday night and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Then Friday morning you could tell that she was horribly exhausted and refused eating and drinking. By the afternoon she was still withdrawn in the cage so my husband took her to the vet. The technician was obviously aware of what a parvo puppy looks like and said she would have to remain at least the weekend or longer.

From what I read there is nothing to kill parvovirus with, so how would the animal shelter ever rid there establishment of the horrible disease. I read somewhere that even with the vaccination it takes 2-4 weeks to take effect. So we had no way of preventing this from happening. It such a shame that it had to affect our sweet little puppy.

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