Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walking Your Dog

Bailey took her first two mile walk down the street. I was wanting to make sure she was big enough to make it all the way down the road and back. This was a new experience for her because she has not really been exposed to barking does other than her pack. There were plenty of new sights and smells to experience. She shows no aggression towards people or dogs, which is a very good thing. She is a little timid but is not so scared that she rears back to get away from the situation. She found a new friend along the way but it was difficult to play with the other dog while remaining on the leash.

We are working on leave it. Now that she is bigger in size she likes to put her paws on the side of the table. I hope with the proper training we will be able to eliminate counter surfing and garbage can diving unlike her big companion Tanner.

Bailey has been a great companion for Tanner. They enjoy playing together. Tanner needs any exercise he can get to counteract all the eating he does. It's amazing how the dogs have taught her to play nicely and not to sink her teeth into flesh.

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