Monday, July 4, 2011

Training Levels Training Tracker

My biggest problem has been getting organized enough with the training. I found the training levels which is organized into different steps to walk through and progress to more difficulty. But the other day I found a sheet organized with all the training levels and the days of the week in the Trainin levels yahoo group files. All I had to do was mark which levels we need to work on.

All the descriptions of the old levels can be found in the files section under Behaviors - Full Description of the yahoo group Training levels. There is also a file that contains the Training Tracker under level checklists. If your not a member of the yahoo group Training Levels it's free to join and there are some great emails that come out everyday. It's setup as a discussion group and can be very helpful if your having difficulties.

One great tip I received from the training levels is smearing peanut butter on a wall while you clip toenails. It had been months since I tried to clip Bailey's toenails. I tried clipping one and the giving her a treat. She wasn't really interested and was struggling to hold still while I tried to clip. I smeared peanut butter on the side of the tub and she didn't even flinch while I clipped and she licked. If I hadn't been a part of the group I would never have thought to try that.

If you want to join just click the widget on the right. If you don't have a yahoo account you can start one for free. The training levels were designed by Sue Ailsby and she often comments on the yahoo group. If you would like to purchase a book with the new training levels you can go here

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