Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On The Road Training

We did some training at the mill dam while my daughter went swimming. It is a popular fishing spot with a few good distractions. For the most part she will come when she is called. But if she feels someone is too close she will start to bark. She is slightly fearful of new people and dogs. I have discovered that she doesn't like for me to be out of her sight. If she starts following someone and barking at them all I need to do is start walking the other way and she will follow. She doesn't want to be left behind and will come immediately.

We worked on clicking for watching me with people at a safe distance. We are trying to work on the barking but it is difficult with a new distraction in the yard. A stray chocolate lab has shown up in town. He is very friendly but he is too friendly for Bailey's liking. She went absolutely crazy the first time she met him. Today was a little better, but he tries to play with her the whole time so she has a very hard time trying to pee. It will be a good opportunity to get used to adjusting to new dogs though.

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