Monday, September 26, 2011

Dog Journal 9/26/11

I had grandious dreams of great training sessions and then reality hit. We really only got two training sessions in because of football games and practices. We did go to the Casey County Apple Festival to see how she does in a crowd. She was sporting her Gentle Leader (because she doesn't like to bark with it on). She was stressed in the crowd but was willing to stay close to my side. When we stopped I didn't have to tell her sit, that was an automatic. We did get a few requests to pet her but I declined because any time a stranger sticks a hand out she backs away. The more they try to pet her the more she backs up. One little boy did touch her from behind but she never flinched. We didn't stay long and she looked like a real professional. Then we took her to the park without the Gentle Leader and her true colors came out.

So we will work on the original goals from last week with the hope of have three training sessions instead of just two.

1. Zen - Bailey will focus on a bowl of treats and not really pay attention to me. She also tries to steal food and wants to remain close to the bowl.
Goal: To have Bailey leaving food on the floor, on the couch, and on the table.

2. Watch - Bailey will give me eye contact but in Level 3 she is suppose to give eye contact for 10 seconds.

3. Come - Our goal is to work on come three times a day for five minutes for eight weeks. Susan Garrett has a good article about the consistent work of come. So starting tomorrow we will work on it for eight weeks gradually increasing the distractions.

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